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Ningbo Yinzhou Hengyu Auto Parts Co., Ltd., located in the Changjiang River economic "Golden Triangle"The south bank of the east oriental port Ningbo Port, Shanghai directly in the construction of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge.Company tightNeighboring Shanghai and Ningbo high-speed transportation is very convenient geographical location.

The company specializes in producing all kinds of auto parts, machinery parts, cold forging and stamping, rawThe production history of more than 10 years. The annual output has reached more than 5 million sets. And theformation of a new production. The independent product development system, our advanced automotive, motorcycle parts manufacturing companies.

Starting from the company created to develop cohesion Trimaran, technology first, excellence, qualityThe first "quality policy, and quality to create the market, and create benefits to the quality of quality-orientedBusiness philosophy, so I plant in the same industry leading position in quality management, high quality production Products, quality service to win trust and support of the majority of users.

The company will be first-class quality, excellent service, the most reasonable price, the truth for the newOld customer service and warmly welcome customers to field trips!



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